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Now you can focus on building your profits while reducing your running costs.

Tire pressure is maintained at a constant, pre-set level while delivering instant, ongoing feedback to the driver...and to the office!

A look at Vigia in action. Main components for the Internal and External Vigia Systems.

Specifically developed for trailers. Air to the tires is supplied through conduits inside the axle so no lines are externally visible.

Exclusive and durable VIGIA rotating valves are placed outside the hubcap preventing water and other contaminants from entering the hub.

For power units and trailers featuring opto-electronic sensors.

Drive and steering tires independently monitored. Simple, durable and proved in all Canadian weather and road conditions.

VIESA cab coolers deliver cool air to the truck cabin without running the truck's engine. The economical and maintenance-free VIESA cab coolers eliminate idling costs and expensive A/C repairs. VIESA is the ecological, sensible response to new environmental demands.

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